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After the money how to do? Buy gold to buy the balance of treasure bonds cast golden week in your financial sector on vacation, but no rest, big. The festival is "cleaned up the battlefield", want to finance what you should do? Thaw 360 small advice: buy gold, buy bonds, sell the balance of treasure, Hongkong insurance. Gold fell 5%, from October 1st to October 9th admission opportunity now, the Shanghai gold exchange closed for 9 days. Thaw 360 small estimate tomorrow morning will be lined up in two lines before the exchange, a team of people to throw, a team of people to buy. The estimates will throw money lost, but people buy gold is very likely to make a fortune. September 30th to $1316 ounces of gold, in October 7th fell to $1260 ounce, seven days holiday, plunged by 5%. Although since October 5th, the price of gold has been in the bottom after a slight rebound, but tomorrow, the first trading day after the holiday, the two types of investors still might seize buy gold: one is to buy gold in the safe, only for the value, not seeking to make the spread of the investors; one is to hold long-term gold, has been waiting for a good time of admission of investors. Now the admission can be low hunters, plus the United States election gold bullish, really can not find what reason not to start with gold. However, financial 360 Xiaobian that bet on gold short-term rebound, want to make quick money investors do not buy the best, the price of gold fell after the reaction of the market anxiety, this anxiety is persistent, short-term price of gold may shock down. October 10th issue of electronic bonds, 5 – year interest rate during the golden week or after work, the small partners are not paid for the 4.17%? If you want to take a little investment, can buy bonds. October 10th to October 19th, the ninth and the second phase of the sale of treasury bonds on sale, the period was 3 years and 5 years, the nominal annual interest rate of 3.8% and 4.17%, respectively, in line with the national debt in September, tenth. Complained to go to the bank to grab the big uncle aunt partners, however, the issue of electronic bonds, both to the bank outlets to buy, you can also buy through online banking. Even if there is no time to line up, you might as well fight a speed, buy bonds earn income, make up for the National Day buy buy buy wallet caused by bleeding. Throw away the balance of treasure, you will meet a better 360 financial monitoring data show that the national day after the Internet baby revenue collective diving. Even without the "jump" in recent years, the baby gains more and more disappointing, even a lot of the balance of treasure idiotic powder have also fled. So, we may wish to change the balance of treasure, a more cost-effective electronic wallet. Don’t worry about the balance of treasure after bid farewell to your change will be nowhere to go into 360 small one choice, let your money even without going out of ant payment service platform: fixed clown. Fixed clown also Ali’s treasure products, three year fixed deposit investment in the bank, which makes it have a safe coefficient does not lose the balance of treasure. The most important thing is that it can yield up to 4.125%, enough to roll the vast majority of the market, baby". Fixed clown is a regular financial products, but also can withdraw at any time, if interest rates fell to 3.5%, even so, also after blasting the balance of treasure 2.33% party cash.相关的主题文章: