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The man stole the dog only sold 110 yuan   it takes 500 yuan vaccine – Anhui Channel – because of theft was sentenced in two years and two months, just after the release is resumed, a dog stole up. Unexpectedly, in the process of stealing was bitten by the dog, the dog eventually sold 110 yuan, but have to spend 500 yuan to injection of rabies vaccine. Not a man to finish the "business", but also pile by administrative detention for 12 days, really regret a previous mistake. In November 18th, the Wuwei County Public Security Bureau police station received the area residents Liu Du Ma warning: a dog he raised disappeared, the police handling of suspected theft, please. After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene. Upon inquiry, the police learned that the victims were black, usually tied to the village street a not yet completed cottage door, 17 days suddenly disappeared. Subsequently, the police visited the surrounding masses to know, 17, 13 PM, a man saw a black man with short hair will be pulled by, then riding a black car left the scene. Witnesses are elderly, women, they dare not come forward to stop. According to witnesses the man stealing a dog the physical characteristics, the police recently released from prison area carefully combing theft convictions personnel. Soon, the sun soon released from prison into the line of sight of the police. The police Jizhen means lock Sohn is stealing a dog after the suspect and arrested him on November 24th. The investigation, April 7, 2015, Sohn found guilty of theft by the Wuwei County people’s court sentenced in two years and two months, released from prison in November 8, 2016. Sohn home nothing less than 10 days to return to prostitution, to the surrounding villages up to steal the dog business. In November 17th, Sun Mou in the theft of Ma domesticated dog, the dog to be killed after away, did not think of the dog in the struggle process, in his right thigh bit two. Later, Sohn will dog sold 110 yuan, has spent 500 yuan injection of rabies vaccine, is really a big loss". The examination and approval by the Public Security Bureau of Wuwei County, Sohn for theft by the administrative detention for 12 days, and on the same day to be delivered to Wuwei County detention execution. (commissioning editor Liu Ying and Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: