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Suzhou citizens home hidden big tank   fire burned three storey building — Anhui —   channel; with an online news according to Suzhou news network reported, September 28th morning, Suzhou City Fire squadron received the alarm to the Bian River Ji Xiang Village of Laoshan house on fire, the fire scene and has great potential, the sound of the explosion according to the police, said the house has tank, request the fire brigade arrived at the scene and rescue. After the alarm, the area near the River Fire squadron dispatched emergency a tank fire, 7 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the rescue scene. The location of the incident is located in remote villages and towns, rushed to the scene at the same time, fire officers and soldiers in a timely manner through the command station contact local police officers arrived at the scene to evacuate the crowd and take emergency measures. Fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene found that the fire point is located in Xie Ji Xiang populated areas, the surrounding fire has all the power, the nearby villagers and businesses all gather in this. Through the observation of the fire, housing a total of three layers, a layer of dressing room, two residential, three layers of foam plate stamped with the insulation layer, billowing from the house from time to time that "crackling" sound, mini fire from the local police station in the non-stop jet, a building facade has been out all the fire. With the rapid expansion of the fire brigade equipment, divided the laying of water into the fire started in the attack, the fire inside the yard, fire officers and soldiers to find a tank, don’t stop on the water cooling, on another way of fire officers and soldiers on the two floor and the third floor of the main start, twenty minutes later, the fire in the fire basic play out. Then, the fire officers and soldiers on the scene once again launched a comprehensive inspection to prevent the resurgence of the fire. "After dinner, do not know what the reason why he was on fire, no more than ten minutes, we thank set police station to dozens of people, we are all in this fight the fire, he put the shop inside the machinery accessories, he was selling the fuel, not to sell now, inside is oil tank foundation boss, burn, let the people of the police station to Xuzhou to go to the hospital". Neighbor Wang said. According to insiders, the fire is burning in the house because roughly headed firewood for cooking, firewood fell from the stove, no notice, ignited by around. As for the specific cause of the fire disaster, the relevant departments for further investigation. (commissioning editor Jin Leixin and Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: