Liu Yifei Ni Ni Angel aura attack to bend the whole universe cad2012序列号和密钥

Liu Yifei Ni Ni Angel aura attack to bend the universe lead: when the two angel attack on behalf of Liu Yifei and Ni Ni mine, I seem to see the full screen of gas, almost to spill out! Two black outfit look sharp, pictured at the party self, a handsome face of blood! (source: PClady) Liu Yifei and Ni Ni two people in the happy shooting on the! Just this Pumianerlai offensive aura is too strong, overbearing, just men and women kill. Angel Ni Ni’s lips and eyebrows together just a handsome face, two people together is to bend the rhythm of the universe?! Liu Yifei word angel mother really want to bend it into one mosquito! Handsome Navy Dress with vermilion high ponytail, neat eyebrow is greatly praised, what goddess of soft sister, Max good boyfriend completely! Liu Tianxian face = Angel + attack attack, the word first is to spread from Liu Yifei Da, how many woman at the time of the group action figure eyebrows! Just want to say, marry me! Liu Yifei went to see the show with the way a sissy smoking suit let his name louder angel of some! Smooth and clean the shawl straight hair with a sense of natural bending at random, plus the sexy red lips me strong and beautiful, straight are seckill! Liu Yifei Angel knows how to add and subtract according to clothing to makeup, perfectly refreshing natural makeup and black and white polka dot suit, lips touch the white makeup color paste lining and clean, but there is no makeup, very thin, with a choker, even if there is no blessing and uppercase bold handsome lips! Liu Yifei Angel every time this 46 points straight hair all handsome to fly ah, fluffy hair neat with side, gently tucked into the ears of matte lips and eyebrows is really full of heroic spirit with a face! With clear eyelash, can be bent into female male back up! Ni Ni Ni Ni also can attack the beautiful nature, some boys of her handsome up is hanging open like her sister! Ni Ni’s love is up tough wind eyebrow, with thick black eyeliner on many heroic spirit! A pink lip sharp appearing again in beauty! Ni Ni "warrior’s gate" in the film "warrior’s gate", Ni Ni turned from ancient times through to the game world Chinese princess, the princess is not only soft weak weak, there are a lot of play! High beam without a ponytail hair, tall eyebrow and eye makeup neat full sense of the overall rise, wine red lip domineering and beautiful. Ni Ni wore leather second cool girl, even super domineering straight to steal the spotlight, clear eye makeup to hide the full aura, fluffy wavy hair and lipstick also eat earth to add a little sense of decadence, handsome and beautiful. ~ Ni Ni eyebrow makeup TIPS 1. Ni Ni eyebrow although full of British gas, but the color is very light, so don’t draw eyebrow crayon Oh, the novice can choose the texture of harder eyebrow, a little bit. 2. And Korean Ping Mei, Ni Ni Ping Mei is a natural rise in eyebrow tail, the line is also very neat and stylish. 3. Finally, in order to avoid abrupt, don’t forget to draw the nose gently!相关的主题文章: