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I mistakenly shot Bruce Lee son of actor guilty 23 years death Hollywood actor Michael · Mizraim Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported that filming injuries can hardly be avoided but also people, thus causing permanent damage, or even never died, the son of Bruce Lee Li Guohao is so, he would have inherited his father’s, but in the 1993 film "dragon" ares accidentally shot dead at the age of 28, after a short life. Open the fatal shot is Hollywood actor Michael Massey – (Michael, Massee). After 23 years, Michael 27, shocked by the news of death, at the age of 61. In his father Li Guohao Bruce Lee died 12 years later, also choose to embark on the actors in a way, 1993 shooting the movie "the crow" is an important work as he can play under the Hollywood market, but in a battle scene, shot his guns, was filled with real bullets, so he shot and killed. Open the key and a gun opponent actor Mike Max heart is a great shadow. Michael Massey although later confirmed the death of Li Guohao is not required to bear legal responsibility, but the only newcomer Michael debut 2 years, has been in the psychological cause indelible shadow. "The crow" and later by Li Guohao effects and substitute to complete unfinished scenes, in 1994 after the release of the critically acclaimed, but Michael has never seen this work in the play after fixing the celebrity also has more than 1 years, frankly can not forget his own hands opened a deadly gun. Michael’s career was performed after the restart, "Catwoman", "Superman and the Hulk", "amazing spider man again" and other popular movies, but on the 27 day death came news, he was in 20 in Losangeles, died of cancer at the age of 61. Bruce Lee son of the top of the cap for the super action film, Li Guohao相关的主题文章: