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Under the train ride track 315 days ago or refresh the farmland "Chengdu speed": the train ride track below 315 days ago or farmland is the 56 major high-end projects in Sichuan provincial government to determine the growth of the project, but also Chengdu city "1313" rail transit industry key projects. From the date of signing, the project settled in the establishment of China Xindu project to promote the work of the leading group, the project site office will be held regularly. The train ride on the track, built in 315 days or agricultural land, promote the process of the project, is a little difficult to deal with rapidly in the fastest time, it created a large industrial projects from start to production in just 315 days, "Chengdu speed". Chengdu Zhongche company responsible person, the first made in Chengdu Aluminum Alloy type A metro vehicle assembly line, marking the Chengdu Zhongche company mastered the system of EMU vehicle manufacturing, vehicle assembly and debugging of a number of core technologies, enterprise transformation of high-end industry has taken a substantial step; also marks the Chengdu city with network planning and industry planning new rail transit at the same time, with new technology and product support, began a new era of metro development; promote the development of rail transportation industry chain which is in Sichuan Province, new achievements in construction of industrial heights. WCC reporter learned that, "13th Five-Year" period, Chengdu city will carry out research and planning of rail transit modes within the region network, the formation of high, medium and low volume of inter city rail transit system supplement. Promote social capital into the rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry, to seize the initiative in the new standard of railway equipment market, make full use of the domain of rail transportation infrastructure construction market fostering the growth of qianyiji rail transportation equipment industry. Why is line 7 using A? Chengdu Metro Line 7 to use the A train, because it is located in the central city of Chengdu subway link, transfer function is strong, is expected to carry a larger capacity. Compared with B type, C type A type train, train with a large capacity, advanced function characteristics, especially suitable for the population density, the large flow of city, can solve many problems brought by too many add a car. A train design capacity of up to 55 thousand and 800 hours." Chengdu subway company official said. But the subway models are decided in line design, because after the vehicle selection, to civil engineering design work, otherwise, if the tunnel repair narrow, or some of the electrical equipment is too close to the track, it will cause the train and tunnel, electrical equipment collision accidents; for example the platform was cut short, no passengers get off method. Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter Luo Qin photography Liu Chenping相关的主题文章: