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Internet-and-Business-Online Publishing an ezine is one of the best marketing methods a business can use to establish credibility, covert new customers and achieve expert status but it does require a .mitment of content and time. There are alternative ways to use on line marketing and still get your message out to your customers. 1.The Tip Newsletter If writing fresh content each week is a daunting task, than creating a tip newsletter is for you. It requires you to write all of your content at one time and load it into an autoresponder system, a system that automatically sends out timed messages. For example, suppose you want to publish a short tip each week. You would write all of your 52 tips and load them separately into your autoresponder and set up when exactly you want each tip to be sent out. For this example, Let’s say you want a tip to go out to your list each Monday for an entire year or 52 weeks you would set it to go out every 7 days on Monday. This will be set up as a series so it is important to realize that everyone that signs up for your tip newsletter will start at tip 1 and go thru the entire series, no matter when they sign up. Because you are writing this in advance, you want to make sure your content is not time sensitive and relevant to a certain fad or trend that may not be relevant in the future. Once .plete, you set it and f.et it. 2.The Mini Course A very effective draw to your website is the mini course. A mini course is a series of email messages or lessons that you usually build with each lesson in the series. This is a great way to show your expertise and to provide your customers valuable content as a learning tool. If you are a small business coach you could offer a 5 part mini series on the Journey to Entrepreneurism. Then you would sit and write the 5 lessons to be sent over a period of time. In this example, over 5 days. You then include a 6th message which is a sales message with a friendly invitation to your services. Set this series up in your autoresponder and you not only have a great offering on your website, you can set it and f.et it. 3.The Video Tips A new craze is putting your content into video. This is so much easier than writing content. All you need is a video camera and yourself. Another benefit of offering video tips is that your audience gets to get a taste of you up close and personal. They get to see you and hear you as you provide your valuable information straight from the horse’s mouth! This is another strong way to enhance your credibility, save time and position you as an expert in your field. There is also a perceived value in receiving video vs. an ezine, so take all of your tips and record them into short 3 minute videos and watch your business soar. Once you record your video, upload them to your site or to a service such as Vimeo or YouTube and send out an email message to your list with a link to the video. If time is an issue for you, this is an excellent way to get your message out and show your personality in about half the time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: