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Careers-Employment Nowadays, more and more people are becoming dependent on getting information online. The reason for this is the explosion of the technology age. Finding a job through the internet is also done nowadays. As a job seeker in the middle of this economic depression, it is quite understandable to go to extremes just to land a job. To add to your possible lists of job networking sites, here are the top most promising social networking sites of 2010 for job seekers. Ziggs the site offers a search platform for finding people in online business. It collects professionals by supplying up to date businessmen profiles. The site allows you to explore through more than 2.6 million profiles and more than 66,000 companies. It also allows you to create your professional profile online. Imantri this is the best place for those looking for mentoring and training. It is a peer-to-peer online community that facilitates networking between coaches and mentees. It offers framework and tools to heighten coaching relationships. The site is perfect for job searchers as it offers a mentor matching engine. Friendster an online community that appeals to different kinds of people all over the world. It nurtures connection through networking of friends for variety of reasons. Through this site, you can expand your network globally hence your job search is also at global level. It enables you to form your own personal and private community for the intent of strengthening the connection within your network. MediaBistro a networking site that is dedicated to offer opportunities for getting together with new people and sharing resources to each other. It is good site to become well informed for the latest job opportunities in the content/creative industry. It can help enhance your career skills and exhibit your work. Meetup a social networking site for meeting up with new people that have the same interest as you. It helps members to self-organize globally and gather through various groups and meetings. The members in this site usually meet up at different cities in local coffee shops, restaurants and even in bookshops. NetParty one of the sites listed in Forbes Best of the Web site. It acts as an entry point for interaction and offline meetings held in different US cities. It targets professionals between 20 and 40 years old. Typically, the parties or events are held at modern clubs to incorporate pleasure in business networking. Networking for Professionals a site intended for professional online networking. Professionals from various occupations can form and enhance their network to improve their business, client base and/or advance their career. It has privacy control but then it has membership fees every month after the first month of use. Ryze the site allows members to network and post messages to each other. It imparts its members the chance to build their network based on their industry, location or interest. The site extends to more than 200 countries all over the world. It has more than 200 organizations to assist its members develop their network or organization exponentially. Tribe.net an online service where people can assist each other get a job. It enables members to get in touch and interact with people under the same interest areas. The site permits you to ask for friends recommendation, advice and opinion. The Virtual Handshake a great resource for knowing how to build relationship online. This is a good site for job seekers and freelancers to get job and clients, respectively. The site includes networking tools and online networking resources that are beneficial to job seekers. Hi5 a social networking site for establishing up your network. This has huge potential of being one of the best networking sites to build up your network and broaden your job search. It has millions of registered members from more than 200 nations. You can make your professional profile at no cost at all. Jigsaw a great place to find marketers, recruiters and sales people. It is a business contact marketplace that permits people to buy, sell and trade information. It offers members fresh and precise corporate information, making it a great site to find prospective employers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: