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10 cars in the history of "fart big" car – Sohu car for domestic consumers in the pursuit of internal space from beginning to end is: large! The manufacturers to please God "are desperate to lengthen their products, the result is that if you buy a car can not sit back Alice his legs, go out to greet neighbors feel shy. Today we’ll take a look at the history of Yikusitian, or because of postwar recession, or because of the sword easy road and the birth of the 10 only "fart bigger" car! Peel P50 1962 ~1965 produced by Peel UK in Mann island. It has only three wheels and is listed as the world’s smallest production car in the 2010 edition of the Guinness book of world records. P50 can legally travel in Britain and the United States, do not have to pay road tax. Body size of 1.37 meters long, 1 meters wide, weighing 59 kg. It has three forward gear, there is no reverse gear, 0.05 liters of displacement engine 100 kilometers fuel consumption as long as 2.3 liters. The company produced a total of 50 units of P50, currently known surviving only 27 cars, one in March 2016 Sotheby’s in an auction transaction price of $100. Peel Trident this car is the second generation of Peel Engineering small three wheeled car, produced in 1966 and 1965. Trident can be seen as the second generation of P50, compared with the first generation of P50, it is not only the body becomes larger, the two seater car, the roof was replaced in the transparent plastic cover, like a small alien spacecraft into the earth. Passengers need to lift the hood when they get in and out of the vehicle. Engine or the 0.05 liter motorcycle engine, output of 3.35 horsepower, maximum speed of about 45 kilometers per hour. Of course, if the driver is too full, he may not be able to run so fast. Brutsch Mopetta is a three wheeled car, with a 0.05 liter motorcycle engine, but only the output of 2.3 horsepower. During the period of 1956 ~1958, produced in Germany in the convertible look more adorable, because only a front headlight, at first glance a bit like a small yellow people". Its length and width were 1765mm, 910mm, 1149mm, a total of only 14, when the price of $200, equivalent to the current 2000 pounds, you know, when a motorcycle is priced at $150. BMW Isetta 250, in fact, this car is not BMW’s original works, this car is a product of the company launched Iso Italy Spa, the company’s main business is the refrigerator and pedal motorcycles. Isetta was only 2.29 meters long and about 1.37 meters wide, and in 1953 it was a great sensation when it was introduced, because no one had ever seen it. Its only door opens to the front and the steering wheel follows the door. If a collision occurs, passengers can escape through the roof, because there is no!相关的主题文章: