10.31-11.6 three sky astrology mercury Neptune (map) sorpack

10.31-11.6 three: sky astrology mercury Neptune (map) Original: New Era (The-New-Age); translation: @ Chaldean[and blog] translator @Kasim_FL; October 31st October 31st 1:38 the new moon in Scorpio New Moon in Scorpio in view of our emotional part of the process of regeneration, which at the same time we must try to solve the skeleton in the closet as everyone knows the perceptual. This New Moon encourages us to pick up our hopes at the same time as we turn our fears into a new life of courage and new life, so we can take a big step to overcome the unhealthy emotional patterns and fear mechanisms. Scorpio new moon gives us the ability to overcome pain and suffering. Mercury in Scorpio is three in Pisces (-11, October 30th) -. It is a good time to discuss the subject of personal philosophy and metaphysics, and it is also a good time to communicate with the spirit world. Mercury three Neptune brings a gift of inspiration from spirituality. Coming out of the turmoil is a much needed gospel. Those who are open to communication and prayer will have spiritual channels to open their hearts and minds, where peace and tranquility can be found. Scorpio mercury Pluto in Capricorn in Liuhe (November 3rd -11 7). Communication and discussion will be strengthened, with the opportunity to make a breakthrough in negotiations with powerful opponents. During this phase the mass media may be filled with an important event or news about the world’s superpower. At this time information and news. This is a generation of people, and try to communicate the important things in the good time.相关的主题文章: